About - Peace of Me


My name is Katie and Peace of Me came about after studying with Connected Kids Ltd (accredited with International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance).

As a parent myself, and someone who struggled with mental health as a child, I wanted to create a place where children could learn life saving skills and empower themselves to deal with the many challenges of growing up and become more emotionally resilient.

What makes Peace of Me special?

I intuitively adapt meditations to suit the needs of each child. I am a heart-led teacher, which means that I am not led by what I think a child should need in that moment, but by allowing our connection and their energy to piece together the class. It is human nature to have good days and bad, and to have different parts of our personality - Peace of Me meets each child where they are in the moment.

Meditation also looks very different for each child from day to day. For example, one child may prefer to sit still and close their eyes whilst we meditate, others may like to move and dance, or roll on the floor. Neither of these are the “right way” to meditate – the right way is whatever feels good for the child. We explore this safely and together.

I am able to work with children with ADHD, autism and SEN. My style of teaching allows all young people to not only take part, but to receive amazing benefits, including increased focus and concentration, improved sleep, release worries and fears and improved mental wellbeing.

What do we do in a class?

Each class includes a variety of mindful activities and meditations, including mindful movement, focus on the breath, arts & crafts, and different styles of meditation. These are all catered to the age group for each class, such as their hobbies, interests and adapted to their attention span.

If you wish to book or find out more information about the group and 1 to 1 classes I offer, you can click here or please contact me with any questions.