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National Simplify Your Life Day

It’s National Simplify Your Life Day – a day to look at making things work better for you and your family.

From my perspective, I feel like it is commonplace to have a clear out of our wardrobe, of the random cupboard that houses the Tupperware, sorting out our bookshelves or the kids’ toys. We are quite used to having this type of clear out every now and again, when we notice an area of our homes getting too messy.

For example, when was the last time you waited at the doctor’s surgery, or in a line for say, the Post Office, waiting for your children to finish school or for your food to cook – and didn’t reach for your phone??? What if you took this time, not to reply to Janet or update your Instagram stories on your frustration at the long line at the Post Office – but to use this time to check in with YOU.

Technology has brought us so many incredible benefits to our lives, but it can disconnect us from ourselves if we are not careful with how we are using it. As with anything, it serves a purpose, but by continually reaching for it as a distraction, it can be very damaging for our self-esteem, our mood, sleep, and connection to others.

We are so great at the doing, that being still and doing ‘nothing’ is difficult. Just for today, I urge you to take a moment to notice how you are in your own body. What do you need more of? What do you need less of? What can you clear out and release?

(…and perhaps don’t use today as an excuse to ‘do more’!)

National Simplify Your Life Day has come from Day 3 of the #MyMindfulSummer challenge - a month of daily prompts and support from myself to help you and your family find fun in mindfulness this summer. Check it out here.

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