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Three reasons why I created Peace of Me

Welcome all!

After years in the making, I feel like my vision has become a reality and I can finally begin teaching these amazing classes. Alongside the classes, this blog will become the place to delve a little deeper into issues and topics surrounding meditation and children’s mental health - I hope these posts will be a source of information and tips for you, as parents / care givers / teachers, to use with the children in your life.

Peace of Me has come about for many reasons, but the three I’ve listed below are probably the most relevant and meaningful...

1. The rise in demand for help with children’s mental health

It has always been important to provide support for children in terms of mental health, but it goes without saying that this need has increased dramatically in recent years, with children experiencing higher levels of stress, anxiety, and symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

A survey carried out by Young Minds with young people aged 13-25 in January 2021 showed that 67% believed the pandemic will have a long-term negative effect on their mental health. The Daily Mail also reported on a study by Bristol University that recorded an “unusually high number of children, with some as old as eight, were throwing temper tantrums expected of two-year-olds” – stating that the distress of lockdowns (closure of schools, isolation from family and friends etc.) has likely taken a toll on their mental health.

Teaching children meditation gives them the tools to release their anxieties, worries, fears, and stress and empowers them to face ongoing challenges with a little more headspace and understanding of their reactions and emotions. There are many studies that prove the benefits of meditation, not only as we come out of a huge global pandemic, but for the everyday troubles too, and I am so ready to share these skills with as many children as possible!

2. To give parents and children the tools to improve issues affecting them

My second reason for wanting to create Peace of Me, is the difference meditation can make to children’s mental health; as well as other benefits such as improving sleep issues, focus and concentration, mood, ability to regulate and recognise their emotions and improving self-esteem. After experiencing these for myself within my own meditation practice, I want to teach children so that they can grow into confident and self-assured adults, with the skills to handle life’s challenges with compassion for themselves and others.

3. To teach children meditation the Connected Kids way

I studied teaching children meditation once before, but it did not resonate with me, and I did not feel confident in teaching children once I had completed the course. Once I found Lorraine at Connected Kids, I realised what I had been waiting for. Through her course, I was able to understand that teaching meditation to young people needs to come from the heart, rather than a structured lesson plan that you take to each class or child. Just as each child is unique, so should the way you teach. The benefits of teaching in this way far outweigh any structured lesson plan, as I am able to meet the child where they are in that moment and adapt the activities.

I am so excited to see this space develop and grow and hope to take you on the journey with me. If you’d like to be the first to know when classes are released, as well as updates on blog posts, please enter your email in the subscribe box.

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