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Children are our greatest teachers

When I was younger, I was the shyest little thing. And this shyness never really went away.

As a young child, I would refuse to take part in certain sports that I didn’t think I would be able to do or be able to do well, so I just never tried. I didn’t learn to ride a bike until at least 7 or 8, I pretended I couldn’t swim so I didn’t have to go up to the class where they teach you to dive, I always did the scores at bowling, so I didn’t have to play (shows my age, pre automated screens!)

As a teen, I hung out with the ‘cool kids’ but I never was a cool kid! I pretended to like the same things, but ended up with an internal battle, feeling lost because I didn’t trust or love who I truly was inside.

As a young adult this struggle caused my whole being to implode. I fell apart. And it took many years to piece me back together again.

The turning point for me was yoga. I found an incredible teacher with a way of bringing the light inside me to life. Through movement, meditation, mindfulness and heart-led teachings, she awakened something within me that felt like I was home. I started to love this new passion of mine, because she made me realise that I wasn’t in competition with anyone else, I was in competition with myself – to become the best version of myself, FOR myself.

I started to read more about what she spoke about in class, and it resonated so deeply.

And then I brought a life into this world. Wow, did he break my world into a thousand pieces! In a truly brilliant, shocking, earth-shattering way, this little bundle smashed down the wall I still had around my heart and to this day, he is still trying to teach me how to love others and how to love myself. Because whilst we may teach our children how to self-soothe, how to chew solids, how to tie their shoelaces or their A, B, C’s; they teach us everything we forgot when we became adults.

Today I took my little boy on the dodgems / bumper cars at the pier for the very first time. Well, he took me! He begged me. I was terrified! Again, something I literally cannot remember when I last (if ever) drove a bumper car, because it just wasn’t something I wanted to let loose and do. I was terrified of people looking at me, whether I even knew how to drive the thing, doing it RIGHT. My anxiety was high, but I never let on as for him, this was magical. Well, it was the most incredible experience. His squeals of pure delight when we crashed, the joy on his face as we zoomed round and round, his little hand squeezing my leg with pure excitement.

He is teaching me to let go. He is teaching me that being me is all I ever need to be. He is teaching me that I am enough and that I don’t need to strive for these ridiculous perfectionist highs, because where is the fun in that? He is my greatest teacher.

A quote I found that I’d like to share:

And another, "Our children can be our greatest teachers, if we are humble enough to receive their lessons."

What have your children taught you?

Until next time, Katie x

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