1 to 1 Meditation Class with Katie

A bespoke introduction to meditation and mindfulness.

  • 1 hour
  • 40 British pounds
  • Agreed on booking - online or at client's house


These bespoke 1-to-1 sessions can be carried out online or in the comfort of your own home and allow us to work together on any individual issues concerning your child. Whether behaviours are a new occurrence or been going on for some time, introducing meditation and mindfulness skills into your daily life can make such an impact for the whole family. How do these classes work? • We have a call to discuss the reasons you would like me to work with you, so that I can complete a detailed customer form. This information forms the basis for my lesson plans. • We agree on an online or home visit basis, and how often you would like the classes. • The sessions are less structured than in a group class, and we can be very flexible on the day, depending on how you child feels. • These sessions can be booked as a one-off basis but work better as a continued programme to get the best results. What do the classes include? The sessions include engaging and relaxing activities – such as breathwork, mindful movement, creating art, affirmations, and sound – each of which are personalised to your child and the areas we have chosen to work on. What are the benefits? This can be very dependent on our intention for the classes, as we may be working on specific issues. In general though, the techniques we learn together will be invaluable in releasing stress and anxieties, helping with any sleep issues, increasing self-esteem, and improving general wellbeing. Most importantly, these simple techniques can be practiced outside of the classes, providing lifelong skills for your child to maintain good mental health.

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Colchester, Essex, UK